About U DUBB



Since 2012 the U DUBB Network (formally UW Battle League) has been on the for front of the battle culture. Seeing the growing popularity of the battle rap scene we continue to bring about the match ups that fans want to see! Last year’s “High Stakes” event which hosted the classic Loaded Lux VS Hollow da Don battle only pushed this culture further by setting the stage for Total Slaughter (Backed by Shady).  This being a great look for the culture of battle rap does however mean that companies such as ourselves will have to compete on a bigger budget  to deliver the content that battle rap fans want to see, and will continue to watch again and again. The U DUBB network is confident in its ability to bring battle rap and hip-hop fans the content they want not only because we are fans ourselves, but co owned by Arsonal the Rebel, the #1 ranked battle rapper in the USA.