About UW


UW Battle League Inc. is a premier rap battle league. UW is dedicated to being a platform to market and promote established artists. We specialize in discovering new talent all around the world from major markets to small on. We thrive on delivering epic rap battles. Every battle means something to us; we look to match-up the best artists to guarantee a great show for our audience.

UW’s goal is to be the BEST in business. We offer exceptional video/sound quality for every rap battle event. We differentiate ourselves by offering an on-line streaming functionality. Our “Watch Live” event page allows our customers to view the rap battle LIVE from a computer or mobile device. Our on-line streaming was developed for those who could not attend our events in person. See our “Watch Live’ page on uwbattleleague.com for more information.

UW isn’t your ordinary rap battle you see on the Internet. UW’s battles are like a movie, equipped with multiple camera angles and behind the scenes footage. We deliver nothing but high quality. We are trying to re-invent the art of battle rapping. UW Battle League sets the stage.